Swedish Chamber of Commerce Tech Forum – Scaling future technologies

Google UK, Six Pancras Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AG
13 June 14:30 - 18:30

How do start-ups go from being challengers to game-changing unicorns? What role do investors play in their journey? At this year’s Tech Forum we explore the future tech landscape as we bring together start-ups, unicorns and investors to discuss the applications of blockchain, AI, AR/VR and other technologies, and what makes them successful.

What are the main barriers for start-ups to adopt existing tech and unleash its potential in new applications? What made the unicorns the forerunners within their industries and how do they stay relevant after that big break? How do the investors foresee the potential of future innovations and how do they decide what to invest in?

Speakers from the realms of investment, unicorns, and start-ups will give different perspectives into new and existing technologies and look to the future.


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