Webinar with Nasdaq and Allbright – How do insights on unconscious biases affect business decisions?

27 April 13:00 - 15:20

Through a collaboration with Nasdaq and Allbright, SVCA is pleased to offer the third of a series of webinars covering best practices and insights for increasing diversity and equality among public and private companies in the Nordic and Baltic region.


Moderator: Rebecka Wulfing, Manager PR and Public Affairs, Nasdaq.


Adam Kostyál, Head of European Listings, Nasdaq

Education – Meritocracy and Unconscious bias

Niklas Uppenberg, Lecturer, Allbright

How recruitment can promote diversity

Eva Swartz Grimaldi, Board Member of Apotea, SBB and recruitment firm Michaël Berglund

Moderator: Michaëla Berglund, CEO, Michaël Berglund and Chairman of the Board, Allbright

Why investing in equality and diversity will pay off

Ulrika Danielson, Head of Communication and Corporate Governance, Andra AP-fonden (AP2)

Benefits for companies

Guest Speaker: Sarah McPhee, Chair, Fjärde AP-fonden (AP4), Chair, Houdini and Non-executive Director, Bure Equity AB


For additional information and registration, please email info@svca.se